Weather in Livingstone

Livingstone does not have the standard winter and summer seasons! Instead, it has the rainy, dry and hot seasons. The dry season, from April to August, is when the land is green and lush; especially the early months of the dry season. The hot season, from September to October, is the best season for wildlife viewing but not so good for viewing the falls as the river is very low and little water runs down; and the wet season, from November to March, is when some national parks are closed, some roads are closed and animals are hard to spot, but rates are good and you basically have the parks to yourself.  Livingstone travel and Victoria Falls tours during the off-season can be a very unique kind of experience.


There are huge variations in the temperature in Livingstone, with extreme temperatures of up to 40.6 °C (105 °F) in October (the hottest month) and -0 °C (32 °F) in June and July, the dry winter season. From April to July the weather is mild and it is the perfect time to travel Livingstone. The annual rainfall is 500 mm.

Six-day forecast (Details)°F | °C
Sep 20
Hi:  36°C
Lo:  16°C
Sep 21
Hi:  36°C
Lo:  16°C
Sep 22
Hi:  34°C
Lo:  18°C
Sep 23
Hi:  33°C
Lo:  16°C
Sep 24
Hi:  34°C
Lo:  13°C
Sep 25
Hi:  38°C
Lo:  14°C