Livingstone Cooking Tours

Kennedy Chaile’s African cooking tours are proving to be more and more popular in Livingstone. Guests are collected at their hotels and first taken to the local market to buy the ingredients.


Pumpkin and their leaves (known as Chibwabwa), cassava leaves, sweet potatoes and leaves, ground nuts as well as any other seasonal veggies will be on the shopping list, as well as village chicken and freshly caught fish such as Zambezi bream. Bondwe, a traditional African vegetable which reportedly has more protein than beef, is also on the list. The traditional Nshima (pounded maize) forms the base of the meal. Freshly picked mango is on the menu from November to January.

Once the shopping is done guests are either taken to the villages of Musokotwane or Simoonga, or to the Royal Kwandu Lodge to prepare the meal.  The cooking is done on braziers at Royal Kwandu or on traditional village fires in the villages just outside town.


Another nice idea is doing a Zambian cooking course when you are staying somewhere on a self catering basis (see a previous post on self catering options along the Zambezi). The whole family can pitch in to practice your newly acquired recipes and cooking methods (you’ve got more chance of that here than at home!) and finish by eating a traditonal Zambian meal on Zambian soil.