The Zambezi Regatta


Crocs show particular interest in one man scullers

Dodging hippo’s and crocs and watched by elephants from the banks of the Zambezi River, eight top international university rowing teams battle it out in choppy conditions during the Zambezi International Regatta's in Livingstone, a reoccurring that  takes place every 2 or 3 years

altThe Oxford Men’s Eight Man team beat their arch rivals Oxford in September 2010


Previous regatta’s were held in 2004, 2005 and 2007. 2010 also marked the historical 100th anniversary of The World Professional Sculling Championships, held on the Zambezi in 1910.

The scullers, racing exactly 100 years after the initial Sculling Wild Side Tours’ Karien and Peter Kermer provided their 12-seater river safari boat as a safety boat, keeping hippo’s and crocs at a safe distance from the rowers during the event.

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